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Join Us in the “Graphics Creation Workshop”
with Christina Hills.

Feedback From Our Students

Testimonial: “I loved taking the Graphics Creation Workshop!! Christina made it so easy, for me as a strategic communicator, to make beautiful graphics with less cost and effort. I can now create graphics all by myself anytime I want – no need to hire outside help. Thanks for teaching me these invaluable tips, tricks, and skills that save tons of time and money!”

Wendy Passer

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Testimonial: “What an exceptional experience! This course is such a great resource for non-techies, the creative-challenged, or anyone who wants to play with graphics for their websites, social media, course handouts, sales letters, and beyond. Christina’s thorough step-by-step approach is easy to follow and got me super excited about creating graphics on my own. The course handout for the Graphics Creation Workshop is full of fresh ideas and resources. Christina knows her stuff—from licensing terminology to design aesthetics including fonts and choosing colors. Thanks for opening my eyes to not only what’s possible but why business owners need to be knowledgeable about creating graphics too.”

Debra Marrs

Riverview, Florida

Testimonial: “Original graphics are a must-have for your website and social media channels. Christina Hills makes this easy with her step-by-step tutorials to create beautiful graphic images using Canva. I highly recommend taking the Graphics Creation Workshop so you will gain the skills and confidence to create one-of-a-kind images.”

Jenny Bailey

Missouri City, Texas

Testimonial: ““Sometimes I’m intimidated about getting started in a new program. Graphics are certainly not my strong suit. Seeing how easy you made it on-screen gave me the push to go in and play around on my own.”

Janet Eastwood

Ontario, Canada

Testimonial: “I like how thorough the presentation was. Very simple but informative. I like how interactive you are during the live demos. You do not wait until the end to get all the questions at once but in the middle you take questions.”

Damaris Bracero

Levittown, New York

Testimonial: “When I came into Christina’s Website Creation Workshop program in January of 2015, I was hesitant. Over the 2 previous years I had thrown thousands of dollars to the wind with bad online program decisions. But when I enrolled in Christina’s first course, I was pleasantly surprised. She over-delivered then, and has continued to do that for the 2 years I have remained in her ongoing trainings.

Ellen Wannamaker

Rockaway, New Jersey

: “Here’s my first design. Thank you, Christina, for turning this writer into something of a graphics artist!”

Laurie Stoneham

Prospect, Kentucky

: “Christina, I’m so inspired by your Graphics Creation Course that I created something for each website and Facebook page I manage.”

Suzanne Gochenouer

Owensboro, Kentucky

: “Your method of instruction is exceptional and I think it is what sets you apart. The demonstrations that SHOW as well as TELL and include the details of each step leave me able to learn and remember and begin to experiment on my own.”

Mary Dennis

Woodland Hills, California

Testimonial: “Here’s a very simple design that I created at Canva, based on Christina’s teaching in the Graphics Creation Workshop. Thank you, Christina, for all your great tools, helpful instructions and generous encouragement.”

Michael White

Radnor, Pennsylvania

Testimonial: Thank you for providing us the GCW as a bonus to Winter 2017 WCW. Both have been liberating experiences for me (after years lost in the desert).”

Ed Skurka

West Warwick, Rhode Island

Testimonial: “Graphics beginnings but love the Graphics Creations Class I can only get better from here for all the various projects I do. Christina is a great teacher. Thanks to you for a well run series!!”

Diane Garrod

Langley, Washington

Testimonial: “The Graphics Creation Workshop was a fun and lively learning experience. Christina taught me how to create custom images and add them to my freelance copywriting website.

Example – a two pane image with the right pane showing a photo of a person at his computer writing copy and in the left pane, a related memorable quote. Viewers love photos and quotes.
Another example – an infographic of a seven step social media marketing plan. I include this in proposals to write marketing content for prospects. It catches attention.”
Paul Heiler

Naples, Florida

Testimonial: “Christina Hills and the Graphics Creation Workshop were a wonderful learning experience! I had just finished making my first WordPress site and taking her Website Creation Workshop, and was ready to add different types of images. The Graphics Creation Workshop was the perfect opportunity to learn how to navigate the resources available. I learned how to understand the language of graphics, how to create graphics that I wanted, and adapt and adjust what I found. Thanks to Christina Hills, I have a working knowledge of how to put my work on the internet in a professional way. She is very clear and an excellent teacher, and her materials are loaded with useful information. I highly recommend her courses!”

Lianna Gomori-Ruben

Ann Arbor, MI

Testimonial: “I just saved the price of this course in about an hour! I love the Graphics Creation Workshop. What a great class. I love Christina’s teaching style. Christina Hills lead me through each step to create all the graphics I need in my business and personal life. I am completely non-tech and Christina and her team made it easy for me. I found her style fun and thorough. I am having so much fun designing my flyers and pictures for my website. I am using it in my business to make blog posts and everything else more exciting. Today I was able to make 2 custom graphics for my new book and a custom ‘Book Now’ button.  I used to pay someone to do this for me. This is so much easier than I ever thought it was!  I’m having fun with graphics. I am so grateful I took this workshop!! Thank you Christina and team.”


Shawna Allard

San Marcos, California

Testimonial: “I’m seriously, almost embarrassingly, tech challenged. I was so glad to find Christina Hills Graphics Creation Workshop. Christina has an uncanny ability to take highly technical and complicated material and break it down into doable chunks – and she’s so encouraging. This woman truly knows her stuff so even the tech advanced will gain a lot of knowledge from this course.  I made a much needed new banner for my FB fan page. Thank you so much for this fun and informative class. I feel so empowered to do any graphics I might want to try. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to enroll in Christina Hills Graphics Creation Workshop, I can tell you with absolute certainty you’ll be glad you took the course. I’m so glad I decided to participate.”

Stephanie Lee

Encinitas, California

Testimonial: “LOVE the workshop! I was one of the people who signed up the first day.

I am in the process of putting up two websites…the first photo shows my “About” page on All the graphics were created from this workshop.

THANK YOU. I love this course and really love the follow-up Q & A call you did.”

Deborah Altman

Chicago, Illinois

Testimonial: “A HUGE thank you to Christina for developing and launching this course. Creating images has been something I have always wanted to do and Christina answered all of my questions that have been running around in my head about how to actually go about creating legal, lightweight, beautiful images in an easy-to-do manner. I still have quite a ways to go to feel confident in my abilities to create awesome graphics, but I have no doubt with practice, I’ll feel like a pro in no time. Thanks again to the Graphics Creation Workshop for giving my the foundational skills to rock at creating images! Cheers!”

Lleslle Schroeder

Martinez, California

Testimonial: “The Graphics Creation Workshop is a great workshop. The concepts will be so useful to create the graphics for my website.

I have taken two of Christina’s workshops and she is a great teacher. Because of my schedule, I was often playing catch up with her class but she lays out the principals in a such a thorough manner, I find it easy to follow and understand.
Thanks Christina. I learned a lot!!”
Amy Jo Fleming - Author of Death at Bandit Creek

Alberta, Canada

Testimonial: “I shared this on Facebook using a Father’s Day template off of Canva. I was thrilled how it turned out. I will also compress this and share it on my blog. Thanks for the great teachings about Canva, Christina. :)”

Dionne Siegrist

Alberta, Canada

Testimonial: “Christina’s workshop was incredibly valuable and opened up so many possibilities for me. Not only have I saved money on projects I used to have to hire a graphic designer for, I can easily design beautiful graphics for anything that comes up, personal or professional – things I’d never have paid someone to do.

Beautiful design projects have shifted from a point of stress to fun, easy, creative projects. Thanks, Christina!”

Cassie Nevitt

San Diego, California

Testimonial: “This class really rocks! I finally learned to do my own ads and graphics. All the info is so insightful and the Reference book we received is invaluable. Thanks Christina
Gratefully, Terra Rae”

Terra Rae

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Testimonial: “Loved how easy this technique was to put together a much better book cover. I loved the Canva template options much better than the initial one I had done with a PowerPoint process.”

Jamie Durner

Overland Park, Kansas

Testimonial: “You’ve up leveled my world AGAIN!!!

I so love being a part of this team – supported, high vibration, teaching and sharing from heart and beyond those who barely cover what they said was included, and the teachings and resources, well I feel blessed by you.

Inside secret: Christina’s calls with her supporters both live and further behind the scenes, well, they make me purr.
I too have a varied background (which can confuse people who don’t understand that left brain/technology/logic and creative/healer/caring Whole brain/left and right, can be in a single package) and look forward to getting my own act together in into the light of day sharing with the wider world. You all are wonderfully inspiring.”

Barbara Cotta

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Testimonial: “Thanks Christina! It was very fun to create this graphic. I’m so enjoying going through the Graphics Creation Workshop training. You are so thorough and so clear in your teaching. I’m so grateful that I found you!”

Pamela Pollock

Bothell, Washington

Testimonial: “After watching Christina’s webinar on how to use Canva I decided to try to create an infographic (See Jackie’s Quick Start Checklist Infographic above). It was much faster and easier than I thought it would be and it looks like it was created by a professional graphic designer – at least I think so! Thanks!”

Jackie Davis

Wilmington, Massachusetts

Join Us in the “Graphics Creation Workshop”
with Christina Hills.

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