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GoToWebinar Training Videos

How to Register for a GoToWebinar


Adding the webinars to your iPhone Calendar

Step 1: On your iPhone, after you register for the webinar click on “Tap to install”.

Step 2: Click on “Add to Calendar”

Step 3: Click “Add” in the top right corner.

Step 3: Click “Add” in the top right corner.


How to Get on a GoToWebinar

If you want to learn more about how the Webinar works, then click the link below to read the Attendee Guide for PC Users and Mac Users:  Attendee Guide for GotoWebinar PC and Mac Users

Once you are in “GoToWebinar” you will see the following:

If you are using your computer, you need to have a good headset to talk to me live. It’s much easier to talk to me on the phone. So I recommend the phone method for interaction.

NOTE:  The PIN number is not available until the moderator starts the conference, so if you join early, you’ll have to wait for the PIN to appear.

If you’d like the webinar to be bigger, there is an option at the top to zoom the screen in.


Here is a Sample Webinar Email


To adjust the size/zoom of the GoToWebinar screen, see screenshot below:

Make sure you are NOT on full screen view, then click on “Zoom” and a dropdown box will appear with different options.  ‘Scale to Fit’ is a great option.

To unmute yourself, see screenshot below:

Click on the microphone icon or the word “MUTED” to unmute from your end.  Our team will unmute you from our end.

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