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“My experience with Christina started in 2009, when I signed up for the first (I think) of the Website Creation Workshops; and I have continued to enlist in her courses ever since because of the excellence of her instruction and her ability to ensure that her students LEARN! There are many facets to this ability of hers, but the one I am most impressed with is her ability to ensure that her students learn the material she is trying to teach. This often involves her questioning the guest lecturers, to ensure that the pupils understand the message they are trying to impart. Christina knows her stuff! But even more important she knows the difference between the essential fact and the trivialities.”

Bill Blake

Author, Coach and Consultant

“What makes Christina Hill’s programs so valuable is because of the way that they are built, organized, sequenced and made available 24 hours a day. One huge advantage that Christina Hill’s has over a lot of other people that offer similar online learning programs is that she is an excellent teacher. Not only is the course work excellent, but Christina is also very generous with her time, resources and insight. Some providers of online learning create canned programs that they then record and sell these as a learning experience. The people I am talking about give very little of their personal time and often respond to questions only by email. As a result these other programs lose the human connection that Christina provides consistently.
Jimm Hughey

Testimonial: “After watching Christina’s webinar on how to use Canva I decided to try to create an infographic. It was much faster and easier than I thought it would be and it looks like it was created by a professional graphic designer – at least I think so! Thanks!”

Jackie Davis

Designer. Speaker. Stress Buster

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